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What Our Clients Say






“Wherewolf was founded in early 2013. We chose Legacy as they offered the full gamut of accounting solutions for developing our business and growing. As we are a rapidly growing start-up venture. Legacy are so much more than ‘just an accountant to file the GST returns’. They have helped us with the business structure, optimising our cash flow, managing payroll and staff, answered our queries and even during our regular meetings help us set objectives and projects to help us move forward.

We always thought accountants are boring, dry, grey old men in suits who don’t care about their customers, they are only concerned with plugging your numbers into a spreadsheet. However Legacy is a fresh, young company with immense pride and a lot of care for their customers. Legacy has set the bar very high for the level of care, openness and interactivity I now know is possible from the accounting industry. Whenever I mention our dealings with Legacy to a business associate, they are blown away and rather jealous. The service is impeccable, and the smiles from the staff are genuine. It is a real pleasure working with Legacy, the interactions with Legacy staff always brighten my day and leave me with a smile.Legacy has gone above and beyond what I expected an accounting firm to do, and this has in turn freed us up to focus on our customers and grow our business. Had I known how great an accountant could be, I would have gone into business earlier!We can trust that Legacy will be diligent, take all necessary care, alert us to any concerns before they arise and provide a solid service without anything slipping through the cracks. In a world that never sleeps, Legacy is one step ahead.”
Wulf Solter – Director




Legacy was recommended to me because of their expertise in negotiating with Inland Revenue. Big Night Out Limited was severely affected by the Christchurch earthquakes. A number of key business partners closed and the number of tourists coming into New Zealand significantly decreased. This placed severe financial pressure on the business.

Big Night Out found itself in a bad financial position. I had worked with my previous accountant for some time trying to find a way of surviving. The longer I worked with them the more I realised it was becoming too hard for them and in the end very little effort was being put into helping me.

When I approached Legacy both my business and family home were in jeopardy. Legacy understood this and their personal touch and expertise changed my perception of accountants forever.

Legacy was able to do what no other accountant had been able to do. They reached an agreement with Inland Revenue which saved my business and family home.

Legacy took it upon themselves to get the job done, only coming to me for the specific things they required. I was aware where the project was at, I was comfortable and confident with the progress. I was never left in the dark.

I am very happy to find an accountant that understands my goals, understands what I’m trying to achieve and gives their advice to get there quicker.

Ben Calder – Director


Thanks for the brilliant service and help this year. I have thoroughly loved your style and massive contribution. So refreshing to have accountants that care and listen.
Matt Ward-Johnson – Director


When we first moved our business to the Eastern Bay of Plenty Legacy was recommend to us as the accountancy practice to contact.

What a great decision this has proved to be. It is a complete breath of fresh air to work with accountants who not only have an exceptional grasp of the complex business tax environment but also believe strongly in the value of relationships and communication.

And believe me when I say our previous experience with accountants was the complete opposite.

Legacy Accountants come with our highest recommendation.

Mike Morgan and Midge Hand
Directors and Founders of High Profile Enterprises Ltd

Legacy Chartered Accountants Whakatane, 10 Domain Road, Whakatane. Tauranga, Level 1, 115 The Strand, Tauranga

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